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Our Story

Welcome to PeakTech, where passion and expertise converge to revolutionize your home office IT experience. Founded by industry veteran Kyle, our unwavering commitment to excellence is fueled by years of invaluable experience working for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a decade of service in the Air Force. At PeakTech, we bring together technical proficiency, academic knowledge, and a genuine love for the craft to deliver unparalleled IT solutions. From mastering the art of networking to unlocking the potential of home automation, we are your trusted partner in optimizing your home office environment. Say goodbye to frustrating technical challenges and embrace seamless, efficient, and tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.


In addition to Kyle's practical experience, he holds a bachelor's degree and possesses relevant certifications that solidify his expertise in the field of information technology. This unique combination of academic background and hands-on experience empowers the PeakTech team to approach every project with a well-rounded perspective and innovative problem-solving skills.

At PeakTech, our genuine love for the craft drives us to optimize individuals' and families' home office environments. We understand the frustrations that can arise from technical challenges, and our mission is to provide reliable, efficient, and personalized solutions that go above and beyond expectations. When you choose PeakTech for your home office IT needs, you can expect personalized attention, prompt service, and a steadfast commitment to your satisfaction — all backed by our ironclad money-back guarantee.

Serving much of the Front Range, PeakTech is your go-to resource for a seamless technology experience in your home office or home environment. Contact PeakTech today to discuss your home office IT requirements and experience the difference of working with passionate and knowledgeable IT professionals dedicated to optimizing your technology landscape. Let us help you unleash the full potential of your home office and transform the way you work and live.


Let PeakTech take the headache out of IT.

(719) 800-1969

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