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Introducing PeakTech, your veteran-owned trusted home IT solutions expert with over 15 years of experience, and a deep passion for all things related to computers and home automation. PeakTech is your go-to professional for top-notch home office IT support in Colorado Springs, Monument, and Castle Rock. Our dedication to providing exceptional service is evident in their track record of helping countless clients achieve seamless and efficient home office setups.


Our pricing is transparent with a full 60-day money-back guarantee, contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

Our Services


Device Installation and Configuration:

Hassle-free setup and integration of various devices: computers, printers, scanners, cameras, smart home devices, and doorbell cams. We ensure seamless functionality across all devices.


Network Setup and Troubleshooting:

Achieve reliable connectivity and optimize Wi-Fi performance for your home office or home. Our experts handle router configuration, address connectivity issues, and ensure a secure network.


Computer Repair and Troubleshooting:

Expert diagnosis and resolution of hardware and software issues. We fix slow performance, software errors, viruses, and assist with data recovery, restoring your computer's optimal functionality.


Smart Home Integration:

Embrace a connected home: doorbell cameras, thermostats, lighting systems, and voice-controlled assistants. Our experts install and configure smart devices, bringing automation and convenience to your fingertips.


Custom Computer Building:

We offer custom PC building services to help you get the perfect gaming or productivity computer for your needs. Tailored to your specifications, let us build your dream computer today


Data Backup and Recovery:

Secure your valuable files with reliable backup solutions. Our services include automated backups and efficient data recovery, keeping your information safe and easily retrievable with minimal overhead.

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